0.05% atropine on control of myopia progression in Chinese school children: a randomized 3-year clinical trial

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Supported by the Special Fund for Young and Middle-aged Academic Technology Leaders and Reserve Talents of Yunnan Province (No.202005AC160021); the Famous Doctor of Yun Ling (No.YNWR-MY-2020-088).

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    AIM: To evaluate the effect of 0.05% atropine on the control of myopia for 2y (phase I) and on spherical equivalent refraction (SER) progression for 1y (phase II) after its withdrawal in Chinese myopic children. METHODS: Totally 142 children with myopia were randomly assigned to the 0.05% atropine group or to the placebo group. In phase I, children received 1 treatment for each eye daily. In phase II, the patients received no treatment. Axial length (AL), SER, intraocular pressure (IOP) and atropine-related side effects were assessed at 6 months’ intervals. RESULTS: During phase I, the mean change of SER was -0.46±0.30 D in the atropine group, compared to -1.72±1.12 D in the placebo group (P<0.001). The mean change of AL in the atropine group (0.26±0.30 mm) was significantly shorter than that in the placebo group (0.76±0.62 mm, P=0.002). In addition, in phase II (12mo after the withdrawal of atropine), there was no significant difference in AL change from the atropine group, when compared with that from the placebo group (0.31±0.25 mm vs 0.28±0.26 mm, P>0.05). Furthermore, the change in SER from the atropine group was 0.50±0.41 D, which was significantly lower than 0.72±0.60 D from placebo group, (P<0.05). Finally, there were no statistically significant differences in IOP between the treatment and control groups at any stages (all P>0.05). CONCLUSION: The use of 0.05% atropine for two consecutive years may effectively control elongation of AL and thus progression of myopia, without significant SER progression 1y after atropine withdrawal. Therefore, treatment with 0.05% atropine daily for 2y is effective and safe.

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Qin Zhu, Guang-Yong Tang, Zhi-Juan Hua, Li-Ping Xue, Yuan Zhou, Jie-Ying Zhang, Ying-Ting Zhu, Xiao-Fan Zhang.0.05% atropine on control of myopia progression in Chinese school children: a randomized 3-year clinical trial. Int J Ophthalmol 2023;16(6):939-946

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