“Capsule drape wrap”—a new technology for iridoschisis management during phacoemulsification
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Wei-Rong Chen. Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, Xian Lie South Rd #54, Guangzhou 510060, Guangdong Province, China. chenwr_q@aliyun.com


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Supported by the National Key R&D Program of China (No.2020YFC2008202); the National Natural Science Foundation of China (No.81970813); the Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province (No.2023A1515011198); Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Project (No.SL2022A03J00553)

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    AIM: To introduce a new technique for iridoschisis management during phacoemulsification: “capsule drape wrap”. METHODS: “Capsule drape wrap” technique was used for an 80-year-old man with idiopathic iridoschisis in the right eye during phacoemulsification. The inserted flexible nylon iris hooks to hold anterior capsule in place, the margin of the anterior capsule could act as drape wrap, tracking the fibrillary iris strands firmly from free floating and stabilizing the capsular bags simultaneously. RESULTS: The eye with iridoschisis was successfully treated. Iris fibrils remained immobile during the procedure, and despite the severity of iridoschisis, there were no intraoperative complications such as tear of the iris, hyphema, iris prolapse, loss of mydriasis, or rupture of the posterior lens capsule during phacoemulsification. The best-corrected visual acuity was increased by 0.1 (logMAR) 6mo after the surgery. CONCLUSION: “Capsule drape wrap” for iridoschisis is easily manageable, prevents further disruption to the loose iris fibers and ensures the stability of capsule–iris complex simultaneously, consequently minimizing the risk of surgical complications in phacoemulsification.

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Hui Chen, Wan Chen, Yong-Bin Lin, et al.“Capsule drape wrap”—a new technology for iridoschisis management during phacoemulsification. Int J Ophthalmol, 2023,16(6):984-987

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