Table of Contents (Volume 15,Issue 8,2022 )

Other Issues:  

Basic Research

Celastrol inhibits laser-induced choroidal neovascularization by decreasing VEGF induced proliferation and migration
  Zhen Li, Ke-Wen Zhou, Fang Chen, Fu Shang and Ming-Xing Wu
  2022,15(8):1221-1230 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.42 M)]  [PMC FullText]  
Vascular endothelial growth factor-165b protects the blood-retinal barrier from damage after acute high intraocular pressure in rats
  Jing Shen, Yi Li, Min Li, Wei-Xian Liu, Hong-Liang Sun, Quan-Peng Zhang and Xi-Nan Yi
  2022,15(8):1231-1239 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.33 M)]  [PMC FullText]  
Expression profile analysis to identify potential gene changes induced by dexamethasone in the trabecular meshwork
  Miao Wei, Lu-Ming Chen, Ze-Yu Huang, Guo-Wei Zhang, Huai-Jin Guan and Min Ji
  2022,15(8):1240-1248 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.80 M)]  [PMC FullText]  
Atypical Adams-Oliver syndrome with typical ocular signs of familial exudative vitreoretinopathy
  En-Zhong Jin, Lyu-Zhen Huang, Ming-Wei Zhao and Hong Yin
  2022,15(8):1249-1253 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.02 M)]  [PMC FullText]  

Clinical Research

Severe unilateral congenital ptosis with poor levator function: tarsoconjunctival mullerectomy plus levator resection vs frontalis sling procedure
  Abolfazl Kasaee, Mostafa Aliabadi, Laily Najafi and Mansooreh Jamshidian-Tehrani
  2022,15(8):1254-1260 [Abstract]  [View PDF(535.66 K)]  [PMC FullText]  
Methotrexate for chronic non-necrotizing anterior scleritis in Chinese patients
  Jun-Yan Xiao, An-Yi Liang, Fei Gao, Chan Zhao and Mei-Fen Zhang
  2022,15(8):1261-1265 [Abstract]  [View PDF(475.31 K)]  [PMC FullText]  
Monitoring of central corneal thickness after phacoemulsification—comparison of statical and rotating Scheimpflug pachymetry, and spectral-domain OCT
  Daniel M. Handzel, Carsten H. Meyer and Alfred Wegener
  2022,15(8):1266-1272 [Abstract]  [View PDF(417.60 K)]  [PMC FullText]  
Outcomes of chronic angle-closure glaucoma treated by phacoemulsification and endocyclophotocoagulation with or without endoscopically goniosynechialysis
  Xing Wu, Ying Wang, Xi Liu, Zhao-Hui Li, Li-Qin Deng, Dai-Shi Chen and Da-Jiang Wang
  2022,15(8):1273-1278 [Abstract]  [View PDF(396.47 K)]  [PMC FullText]  
Outcomes and predictors of vitrectomy and silicone oil tamponade in retinal detachments complicated by proliferative vitreoretinopathy
  Kenan Sonmez and Hilal Kilinc Hekimsoy
  2022,15(8):1279-1289 [Abstract]  [View PDF(527.45 K)]  [PMC FullText]  
Changes in axial length after vitrectomy for rhegmatogenous retinal detachment combined with choroidal detachment
  Ji-Peng Li, Jun Xu and Meng Zhao
  2022,15(8):1290-1295 [Abstract]  [View PDF(413.83 K)]  [PMC FullText]  
Anti-VEGF reduces inflammatory features in macular edema secondary to retinal vein occlusion
  Hai-Feng Qin, Fan-Jun Shi, Chao-Yang Zhang, Da-Wei Luo, Shi-Yue Qin, Jing Wu, Hai Xie, Jing-Ting Zhang, Qing-Hua Qiu, Kun Liu, Guo-Tong Xu, Guo-Xu Xu and Jing-Fa Zhang
  2022,15(8):1296-1304 [Abstract]  [View PDF(3.18 M)]  [PMC FullText]  
Comparison of outcomes of idiopathic macular holes treated by vitrectomy with air or silicone oil tamponade based on the hole size
  Lan Yin, An-Qi Liu, Xin Jin, Liang Jia and Feng-Xiang Wang
  2022,15(8):1305-1309 [Abstract]  [View PDF(534.49 K)]  [PMC FullText]  
A algorithm for prediction of exudative retinal detachment risk of patients with pregnancy-induced hypertension
  Li Hu, Dong-Hao Li and Shuang-Yong Wang
  2022,15(8):1310-1315 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.29 M)]  [PMC FullText]  
Nomogram model for predicting oculomotor nerve palsy in patients with intracranial aneurysm
  Yuan-Yue Cui, Bin Wang, Bo Jiang and Shi-Hong Zhao
  2022,15(8):1316-1321 [Abstract]  [View PDF(649.17 K)]  [PMC FullText]  
Photopic pupil size change in myopic orthokeratology and its influence on axial length elongation
  Meng-Jun Zhu, Li Ding, Lin-Lin Du, Jun Chen, Xian-Gui He, Shan-Shan Li and Hai-Dong Zou
  2022,15(8):1322-1330 [Abstract]  [View PDF(868.97 K)]  [PMC FullText]  
Simple method of measuring ocular rotation in supine position during small incision lenticule extraction
  Jiho Song, Hwanho Lee, Moon Sun Jung and Jae-hyung Kim
  2022,15(8):1331-1337 [Abstract]  [View PDF(945.94 K)]  [PMC FullText]  
Clinical features and treatment of near-work-related acquired esotropia
  Rui-Lin Guo, Li-Kun Ai and Shi-Qiang Zhao
  2022,15(8):1338-1343 [Abstract]  [View PDF(407.92 K)]  [PMC FullText]  
Analysis of retinal vasculature changes in indirect traumatic optic neuropathy using optic coherence tomography angiography
  Huan Ma, Yang Gao, Jin-Miao Li, Yue-Kun Bao, Cong Nie, Pan Yin, Xi Lyu, Xiao-Yan Ding and Rong Lu
  2022,15(8):1344-1351 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.01 M)]  [PMC FullText]  
Predictive value and applicability of ocular trauma scores and pediatric ocular trauma scores in pediatric globe injuries
  Yunia Irawati, Lily Silva Ardiani, Tjahjono Darminto Gondhowiardjo and Annette K. Hoskin
  2022,15(8):1352-1356 [Abstract]  [View PDF(536.76 K)]  [PMC FullText]  
Ocular syphilis resurgence in an urban underserved community in the United States
  Emily K. Tam, Alexander Port, Diana Martin, Gabrielle Fridman, Steven Ness and Nicole H. Siegel
  2022,15(8):1357-1362 [Abstract]  [View PDF(515.68 K)]  [PMC FullText]  


Elementary school comprehensive intervention and myopia development: the Wenzhou Epidemiology of Refraction Error Study
  Dan-Dan Jiang, Jie Chen, Frank Thorn, Guang-Yun Mao, Chun-Chun Li, Zhong Lin, Balamurali Vasudevan, Xiao-Qiong Huang and Yan-Yan Chen
  2022,15(8):1363-1369 [Abstract]  [View PDF(416.52 K)]  [PMC FullText]  


Optical coherence tomography evaluation of retinal nerve fiber layer thickness in non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy and primary open angle glaucoma: a systematic review and Meta-analysis
  Yu-Xin Tong, Xin-Yu Zhang, Yi He, Zong-Lin Chen and Bing Jiang
  2022,15(8):1370-1380 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1.91 M)]  [PMC FullText]  
Risk of anxiety and depression in patients with uveitis: a Meta-analysis
  Bei Cui, Hong-Zhen Jia, Li-Xiong Gao and Xiao-Fei Dong
  2022,15(8):1381-1390 [Abstract]  [View PDF(2.51 M)]  [PMC FullText]  

Review Article

Advances in the research of plant-derived natural products against retinoblastoma
  Jing-Chen Liu, Chun-Li Zhang, Kai-Ye Dong, Ming-Jun Li, Shu-Guang Sun and Cai-Rui Li
  2022,15(8):1391-1400 [Abstract]  [View PDF(356.59 K)]  [PMC FullText]  

Letter to the Editor

A case of conjunctival intraepithelial neoplasia with spheroidal degeneration: a clinicopathological study
  Shoichiro Ota, Satoru Kase, Takayuki Tanaka and Susumu Ishida
  2022,15(8):1401-1403 [Abstract]  [View PDF(953.31 K)]  [PMC FullText]  
Sutureless contact lens-type amniotic membrane for persistent epithelial defects after infectious keratitis
  Jung Hye Shin, Young-Ho Jung, Hyun Beom Song, Mee Kum Kim and Chang Ho Yoon
  2022,15(8):1404-1406 [Abstract]  [View PDF(1010.67 K)]  [PMC FullText]  
Metamorphopsia as the first clinical sign of renal cell carcinoma
  Antonela Gverovic-Antunica, Velibor Puzovic, Zrinka Fabris Miletic, Diana Arapovic Slavic, Maja Sikic and Snjezana Kastelan
  2022,15(8):1407-1409 [Abstract]  [View PDF(915.81 K)]  [PMC FullText]  
Acute bilateral anterior uveitis in paediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome temporally associated with COVID-19
  Natalia Arruti
  2022,15(8):1410-1412 [Abstract]  [View PDF(340.26 K)]  [PMC FullText]